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JUNKYARD experience. .. ... . .

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PostPosted: Wed Aug 01, 2001 12:49 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

I go to 2 of them near where I live . There is a total of 7 924 1 924s & a 944. So today I go and get the yellow faced 944 guages and the 924s door panels and I wanted the 924s spoiler
so the phillups headed screws wouldnt loosen. The last time I was there I pulled the sides of the spoiler[ used a cordless driver on the screws]I was using a dull 1/4 bit so it didnt work well. This time I had forgotten the cordless so I asked the junkyard help .. 2 guys and me trying
to do the screws with bits that couldnt drill into cheese they were so dull!
1 gets a chisel and hammer and is banging on a screw trying to break it when crash the whole rear hatch turns into
diamonds covering the trunk area , he then gets a saw-sall and cuts the frame to free the spoiler.Im thinken wonder what you guys
here would think of this, Im thinken what if.. the hatch glass breaks. $$$ Joe D. After this I take my tool box I put together at home up front and set it on the counterand go back to the yard to gather my newly acquired parts when i get back my box is missen someone stole it from the counter and I didnt get it back either somebody made off with it... I told the guy behind the counter i was goin back to get the parts.He they were not responsible and said next time ask for tools to be put behind the counter. .Shoot I set it down right in front of him I guess thinken he would watch it but no what an experience.
Drove away amazed and angry after that 1.

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